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We only operate on an appointment basis, ensuring total privacy and spending as much time as required with each one of our clients.

The steps to finding your perfect item of jewellery could not be easier. 

Send us a photo or link to a website where you have seen an item of jewellery, it could even be an example that we can tweak to exactly how you want. Alternatively, we ask for you to have a browse of our online catalogue of products, making a note of any stock numbers of items that you may be interested in along with any other aspects you may want on your item of jewellery. If you have seen something elsewhere and want something similar made up, chances are we have made it in the past and will have a sample to show you!


When you arrive at our premises, you will meet one of  our qualified GIA staff in a relaxed and secure environment, they will explain the 4 C's to you in an easy and efficient manner where you will quickly and comfortably understand all the aspects of diamond grading, helping you to pick the perfect diamond. At this stage they will talk you through the designs you have pre-selected and answer any questions you may have, helping you feel at ease with the whole process.

Quiet Desk

We will then search the international diamond market to find you the right stone at the right price. Once we’ve found a suitable centre stone, we can get to work designing your dream ring. 


If you do have an understanding of diamonds and are looking for something specific please let us know and we can have this ready for our appointment. If you're not quite sure what colour and clarity of diamond is right for you, don't worry as we can have a range of stones to show you, explaining the pros and cons of each. Rest assured all of our diamonds are ethically sourced and in compliance with the Kimberly Process.


We will always try to show you sample rings which will help you get an understanding of finish and feel. We will then either show you hand painted sketches, 3D images or even a video. Once you are completely satisfied, our team of highly skilled goldsmiths will get to work. The team has more than a total of 60 years of experience between them working for some of the most famous, world renowned jewellery houses.

Great pride is taken in our work in every step of the way and only the purest and highest quality of work makes it past our strict quality control. There are other companies claiming to offer a similar service to ours however as a diamond wholesaler with generations of guidance behind us and upmost care to every little detail along with a price match guarantee, we won’t be beaten on workmanship or price. 


Although we can create a magnificent piece in just a few days, we believe that true artistry should not be rushed and so we would like between 2-4 weeks to complete most of our projects. This is to ensure that every piece we provide completely satisfies our customers. However if speed is of the essence please get in touch and we will see how we can adapt to finish your world class piece within a specific time frame.

So what are you waiting for? Click below and get started!

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